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Speak to your acting tutors, peers or agents about your casting type and the type of shots they think you need.

What do you think your casting type is?


  • Up to 2 hours

LOCATIONS - All outdoors

  • Central Manchester

  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • At your home  

CLOTHING (Do’s and Don’ts)

  • DO bring a range of colourful tops, including plain black, white and grey T’s
  • DO bring plenty of jackets, Denim, Leather, Winter, Suit etc
  • DO bring blouses/shirts and Jumpers
  • DO bring clothes you are comfortable wearing, it shows in the images if you don’t.
  • DON’T bring items with busy, bold patterns or dominant logos
  • DON’T just bring one outfit, bring your wardrobe if you want to, we don’t have to use everything, but having a choice helps.  

GROOMING(Do’s and Don’ts)  

  • DON’T wear too much makeup, keep it NATURAL that’s the key
  • DO bring various hairgrips etc, hair up and hair down styles make for different images
  • DO have a beard or moustache, if you can grow one.
  • DO get plenty of sleep for at least two to three days (a week if possible) beforehand, as this helps to reduce any redness or bags under the eyes.
  • DO drink plenty of water for 24 hours prior to the session as this helps the complexion.